About us

Couriergram was first established in 1982 hand delivering telegrams across the UK. The primary aim of the service was to deliver urgent messages within 2 hours. Since the early 80s we have continuously developed and expanded our Telegram Service and we now have an average of 95% of 2 hour service messages being delivered within the hour. Couriergram are the only Telegram service in the UK with a nationwide network able to deliver within these time constraints.

Telegrams have been used over many years as an urgent messaging service. With time, the service has now grown into a service for not only urgent messages, where traditional communication routes are not available, but to be used to mark important occasions and events.

In the past one of the most popular  traditional telegrams was the Wedding Telegram, this has developed and we are now able to offer a huge range of telegrams for example the Anniversary Telegram, Birthday Telegram, Graduation Telegram and many more. The categories are endless, if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact our friendly and professional Telegram team with your requirements and we will be able to design a bespoke telegram for you.

Go beyond the phone, go beyond the net - Send a Telegram today.